Wartrom Machine Systems was co-founded by Gary Trombly and myself, Terry Ward, in early November. The company name of Wartrom is the result of a combination of our last names.   We opened up shop in my father’s barn hoping to find some clients and started our journey.  


 After a few months in business Gary's family began to grow and, as a result, he had to make a move for a job with healthcare and a steady income.


From that point, I continued on the journey along with my wife Martha. We moved from the original location, shown in the top left picture, to a shared facility in New Baltimore, shown in the next picture.  


 We required more space and moved to our own unit in Harrison Township in 1985. In 1987 we added the adjacent unit, doubling our floor space.


 We moved into a newly constructed 11,000 square foot facility on Macomb Industrial Drive in June, shown in the fourth picture.  After our customers realized we had moved into a facility twice as large as our previous location, they began to send us more work than we bargained for.  In August, we added the remaining portion of the new facility, for a total of 14,000 square feet.  


 After many years of dreaming and saving, we broke ground on our current Patmore Drive location in November. 


 During construction of our new facility we were devastated by a fire in the middle of the night on Saturday Feb. 14.  As you can see in the sixth picture on the left, all of our equipment and jobs in process were destroyed in the fire.  We had many machines completed early, ready for shipment on Friday the 13th, the day prior to the fire, but the truck did not arrive as scheduled.  As a result, all of the completed equipment had to be replaced.  We were able to move down the street into a temporary building and were back in business by Wednesday of that week.  Our staff rolled up their sleeves and, working 100 hours a week, we were able to re-build all of the jobs, shipping all of them on schedule.


 In October we moved into our current 21,000 square foot facility shown in the bottom picture.  


In August we gained our original ISO:9001 certification


We Celebrated our 35th year in business!


Celebrating our 40th year in business!

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