Industries Served


  • Fuel Delivery Systems Test & Assembly

        Quick Connector Assembly and Test Machines

        Plastic Fuel Line Forming Cells

        Automatic Cut From Coil Nylon Hose Cutters

        Insertion of Quick Connectors to Nylon Lines 

        Insertion of Nylon Lines to Steel Tube

        Fuel/Brake Bundle Assembly and Test

        Fuel Pump Module assembly and Test

        Gas tank Assembly and Test

        Filler Neck assembly and Test



  • Electric Vehicle Water Pump Test & Assembly

         Assembly of PCB to Stators

         Progressive Assembly Stations

         Electrical and Leak Testing of Pump Components at Various Stages of Assembly

         Bar code tracking / Traceability

         Data Collection



  • HVAC Test & Assembly

         Clip assembly and Leak Testing



  • Exterior Trim Assembly and Inspection

         SUV Roof Rail compound Angle Saw to Length

         SUV Roof-Rail assembly

         Trim buffing fixtures

         Robotic Adhesive Application



  • Interior Trim Assembly and Inspection

        Interior Panel Assembly

        Cluster / Bezel Laser Masking Fixtures



  • Engine Machining Inspection Stations

        Engine Block and Head End of Line Rotary Inspection Stands



  • Oil pan/Transmission Pan Final Inspection/Leak Test

         End of Line Inspection

         Hole present and Location Verification

         Thread Check

         Leak Testing Entire Pan

         Part Marking for Verification at Each Inspection 



  • Module Test and Assembly

         Control Module Assembly and Test Fixtures



  • Safety Restraint Systems Test & Assembly

         Seat belt Rectractor / Web Component Assembly

         Seat Belt Testing - Life Cycle and Destruction

         Inflatable Restraint Inflator Tube Assembly and Weld

         Inflatable Restraint Test Fixtures




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