Assembly Equipment

Service Line for Fuel Pump Assembly


This line was provided to satisfy service requirements for six different fuel modules and allow our customer to discard all of the dedicated equipment previously used for production, saving 80% of valuable floor space in the plant.   The line included seven assembly and test stations performing over thirty functions.  All tooling is quick-change and the operator interface at each station acknowledges when the tooling is set-up correctly for the product selected.  We utilized laser measurement, laser etching, vision inspection, bar code readers, leak testers, continiuty testers, servo tooling positioning, and part tracking on this equipment.   Our customer has proudly placed it as a showpiece in a high traffic area in their plant to exhibit leading edge technology to visitors to their facility.




Inserters with Quick Change Tooling to Accommodate Changing Product Designs


Our progressive modular design allows customers to utilize our inserters for many products simultaniously and when programs reach their end they can easily be re-tooled for a new product at minimal capital investment and down-time.  Dedicated insertion equipment usually ends up in shrink wrap behind the plant for spare parts.  We don't want our equipment out in the parking lot we want it on your floor maximizing your investment allowing you to to price your product more competitively.


When you are awarded new programs, simply send us our machine number that you would like to run that product on and math data of that product.  We will design new tooling to be installed on your existing equipment (providing product design allows).  Usually we are able to send the new quick-change tooling to your plant for you to install and try-out within a few days.  


We have been providing inserters since Don B., the quick-connector creator, came to us in 1984 to help develop them for him.   He was expanding his business from providing quick connectors only, to also providing assembled fuel lines to the auto industry.  Since that time, we have provided hundreds of inserters of many varieties for multiple customers worldwide.  


Assembly and Test Machine


We have provided assembly and test carts like the one shown here for over 30 years.  These carts are usually designed to accommodate multiple part numbers of various engine and wheel base configuration with minimal change-over usually taking only minutes.


These carts perform leak testing, mistake-proofing, clip verification and assembly, fitting torque, label printing and detection, vision inspection, bracket assembly, and any other proccesses that a fuel bundle requires.




Pipe Press to Install Steel Pipes to Flange





Heat Sink Installation & Conductivity Test


This equipment allows for manual assembly then laser measurement of component stack-up along with vision verification of component orientation.  It also torques the fasteners to a programmable setting and transfers data of each torque via a wireless network to a central spreadsheet at the end of the line for traceability.



Rotary Four-Station, Check Valve Assembly and Test Machine


This equipment is used to crimp a check valve body after the internal components were manually assembled.  The first station is used for loading/unloading parts, it confirms part presence prior to index.  Station #2 uses a hydraulic press to crimp the body.  Station #3 checks for the presence and function of all internal components.  Station #4 performs two leak tests on the valve.  After testing, the operator removes the valve and places it in the the good or bad parts bins depending on status.    



Printed Circuit Board Heat Stake & Wire Trim


       The left side of this machine heat stakes the PCB to the stator via a hot / cold process, only after a laser confirms the PCB height is within the allowed tolerance. It also inspects for the laser etching from the prior test station to verify the stator has been tested before assembly.  After heat stake the stator is manually thansfered to station #2 where the winding wires are trimmed to a very tight tolerance.  This station also measures the height of the PCB prior to cycling which also adjusts the trim units to the specified distance from the board independently via servo elevators.



Rotary, Four Dual Station, Connector Assembly and Test Machine


Originally Built in 1998 and refurbished in 2016




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