Test Equipment






Transmission Pan Leak Tester


This test station checked for all of the mounting holes present, the tapped holes clear, mounting flange formed correctly and leak tested the entire pan.  If there was a failure in the leak test station the shuttle transferred the pan out the rear of the machine for visual inspection.  After an accepted leak test, the pan was shuttled to the next station where it performed the remaining checks and ink-marked the accepted pan.











Vacuum Testing



This machine performs a "dry" side vacuum test on a water pump.  Three stations were required to support production rates due to cycle time required.  Each circuit is isolated and may run independent of others.  All test results are displayed on the interface unit for each cycle.  







Brake Line Assembly and Test Table


This table performed a high-pressure leak test then bundled the brake lines. A label was printed upon test acceptance and placed on the tube and detected prior to releasing the completed assembly. 















Filler Tube Assembly


This is an example of the many filler tubes assembly and test machines we have provided to our customers. 





Leak Testing


This multi-station leak test fixture tests the “wet” side of the water pump, it includes quick change tooling and part selection via the operator interface. It also requires multiple stations due to required cycle time. It marks the housing after a “passed” test to verify the pump has been tested and also looks for the mark in the following station so the testing can not be bypassed. Failed pumps are acknowledged and accounted for by placing in a reject magazine, the machine will not cycle again until rejected pump is accounted for. We utilize commercial leak test units from leading worldwide providers in our equipment and have been providing test stands similar to this for over 25 years. 






Multi-Part Automated Leak Tester


This is another example of a multi-station, multi-part test stand, and includes providing a label for the tested product and verifying label prior to release. Labels are printed upon “passed” test and applied manually by the operator. 















Multi-Part High Pressure Tester with Quick Change Tooling Plate


This is an example of our base test stands with multiple quick-change fixture plates. These stands allow for us to simply supply additional fixture plates for new products as they are released. These stands also have “reject” bins with verification of deposit. They can be utilized for many products and last many years; reducing floor space and capital investment.  












Four Station Pressure Tester


This stand is a multi-station for two similar products and includes leak testing, two different cavities and vision verification of correct product present prior to testing. All test results are displayed on the interface unit and part selection is via push-button on the unit also. A paint mark is applied after “passed” condition and is verified in the following station prior to operating.   













Tester with Quick Change Tooling Plate


This is an example of a multi-channel quick change tooling test stand. We have provided many of these stands that have been in operation for many years and served many programs. These stands optimize capital investments like no others. It is common that revisions to these stands for new product are customer paid tooling and will give the owner an advantage when quoting new programs.    






Inspection Gage


This gage performs manual checks via gage pins and blocks. It also performs a laser measurement on features and conveys results through an LED light mounted on the electrical box.   






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