Custom Application Projects

Aerospace Components


We also provide to government suppliers and are considered a preferred supplier to them.  These are an example of the products we provide, turn-key.  We are proud to partner with our customer in their efforts to keep our military personnel safe while defending us and our friends around the globe.

*Built by Wartrom to Customer Supplied Prints



This semi-automatic multi-axis CNC saw was designed and built to saw-cut compound angles on SUV roof-rails for multiple product platforms.  The saw was fully programmable to adjust for rail length and angle of cut for each end.  After teaching the positions the part numbers are selectable through the touch screen.  The tooling set-up is verified with sensors to confirm proper set-up.  Auto-clamp vises at each end of the rail pivot about center as to not dictate the rail position but conform to it.  There is also a sensor at the center of the roof-rail to verify the formed arch of the rail is correct prior to cutting end angles. 


The saw blade motor RPM and feed rates are adjusted throughout the cutting process to optimize saw blade life.  The diameter of the blade is measured to adjust the RPM according to the current diameter of the blade.  The load on the motor is also monitored to determine saw blade condition, when load is determined to be high, requiring the blade be changed, the saw will shut down and not operate until the blade sensor has been cleared and reset proving the blade has been changed.  


This saw cut aluminum, mild steel and polished stainless steel rails, and performed extremely well on all materials.


This saw was designed to cut roof rails but can be adapted to accommodate many similar products.  Please consider this as an option when quality and repeatability matter.

Six Spindle Buffing Fixtures EOAT


These are examples of EOAT's we have provided for multiple buffing cells, we partner with an award winning, world class robotic buffing cell provider to design and manufacture these tools for their cells.  We have provided many versions of these fixtures depending on application.



This lathe style, EOAT holds hydraulic cylinder rods to sand and polish robotically, there were many versions of multiple lengths up to 515 Kg's

This is an example of a multi part buffing fixture which was integrated with the buffing robot.

Machining and Assembly Services


This is an example of a design provided by our customer.


 We performed the fabrication and assembly of the unit to their design then delivered to them for wiring, programming and de-bug.  We often provide machining and assembly to customers that design their own equipment and build internal.

*Built by Wartrom to Customer Supplied Prints

Indexable Inspection Stand

for Engine Blocks


We provided the design and build of these and other similar stands to perform end of line inspections on engine blocks and heads at various angles, for the engine manufacturing facilities.  

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